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Pico 4 Event (Leaked) Transcript

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“Hello, and welcome

My name is Henry, President of PICO. Since March 2015, our focus has always been on developing the Best VR all-in-one headsets in the world. We want to give you access to infinite possibilities. Connect you to new worlds with our technology. Over the years, our products have become leading players in the field of VR. We are ready to continue our path further, to make VR accessible to more people, as we believe VR is for everyone. We are here to build a leading XR platform, that empowers developers and creators, and inspires the community. Our mission is to bridge connections, enrich life, and release infinity.

Today, I am very excited. Because we can finally to share with you something new, which I am very proud of. I’m proud of the team effort. Proud of the hundreds of hours of problem-solving. Proud of the collaborations and innovations. I’m proud that we can share with you an immersive VR experience like nothing else out there. Today… I’m proud to bring you the PICO 4, our latest offering for the consumer market.

PICO 4 is about comfort, clarity and reality. The PICO 4 is as light as a can of soda, with zero pressure on your head. A glorious 105 degrees field of view and our super 4K resolution display. The most vivid display we have ever designed.

Thanks to the 6DoF touch controllers with broadband motor plus all-round sensors. You can now enjoy intuitive interactions anytime and anywhere. We believe the PICO 4 is the bridge connecting our users to infinite worlds of discovery, creativity and fun. With PICO 4, you can switch smoothly between the worlds of fitness, gaming, video, social and more.

Next, I’ll hand over the stage to my team member, Leland Hedges to share more about PICO 4. Over to you, Leland.

Amazing! Thank you, Henry. My name is Leland and I oversee PICO’s European markets. I’m super excited to show you what we have in store for you with the all new PICO 4. Let’s get started!

At PICO, we design world-class mixed reality, also referred to as XR technology, with a focus on accessibility. Our goal is to expand this technology to a mainstream audience, with XR products designed for everyone to use. Let’s take a look at the refreshing design that blends fashion and technology.

On the front of the PICO 4 is a rounded black cover that teases the experiences to come. The vacuum-deposited coating is the secret of the high-gloss surface. Under the black cover is a hidden super power: a 16-megapixel RGB camera. More to come on how it brings the world into vivid color. This is complemented by the light grey body which makes the PICO 4 silhouette feel as small as it is. Likewise, the four SLAM tracking cameras serve dual purposes; they are both aesthetically pleasing and provide optimal tracking coverage.

For over 7 years, we have pushed the boundaries of weight in VR and with each successive product introduced new category defining features. And now, we have achieved another milestone. We have designed PICO 4 to be one of the lightest and smallest form factor among all current standalone 6DoF HMD. While going on an adventure and exploring different universes, we want you to endlessly roam without feeling the weight of the headset. And with PICO 4, you can.

On the PICO 4, you will find our industry-leading counter-weight design is just the beginning of the many areas where PICO is an innovator. When you put on the headset for the first time, the impression of compact and weightlessness will overcome you. The main unit without straps and batteries weighs only 295 grams.

The use of pancake optics also allows us to reduce the thickness of the case to only 35.8 mm at the thinnest place. You won’t feel the pressure of the headset resting on your face, or the weight resting on the rear of your head given the adjustable strap with the fit wheel at the rear. All of these design choices are the result of multiple ergonomic evaluations to optimize the whole product for maximum comfort. We relentlessly pursued a flawless weight distribution between the front and back of the headset.

Let’s turn our attention to the material choices we made for the PICO 4. Here, you can see the improvements made to wearing comfort. The material selected for the back pads and face cushion is thick yet soft to the touch to bring maximum wearing comfort. The cushion lining the front display uses SuperSkin fabric effective at wicking moisture from your skin to keep you cool and dry at all times. The rear of the headset is also lined with flexible and anti-slip PU leather comfortable for cradling your head as you explore the virtual world.

You will feel nothing but comfort as you put on the PICO 4 headset. Perfect for a marathon gaming session!

Speaking of marathon gaming sessions, PICO 4 leads the way with the largest battery and industry leading fast charging on the market. So not only can you play for longer, but you don’t have to wait to enter your favourite PICO world again. All that lightweight construction and long battery life wouldn’t be complete without a great sound system to match.

The PICO 4 comes with Super Linear Speakers, hidden within the hard straps on both sides. The Super Linear Speakers are designed with large sound chambers. That means powerful bass effects, bringing heart-thumping sound experience during gameplay. Together with 3D spatial effects, PICO 4 delivers an unparalleled sound experience. For gamers, that means you can be spatially aware, and never get surprised by the zombie behind you again.

Now, let’s look at the display. You can only truly immerse yourself in virtual reality worlds if you have a clean, sharp image quality. So that’s what we’ve delivered with the PICO 4. And we want everyone to enjoy that. Our use of the industry-leading pancake optics also means that you will be able to see a wider field of view. 105 degrees by diagonal, to be exact.

You will also be excited to find that we have included a super high-resolution 4K-plus display, with a pixel density of 1200 PPI and a fluid refresh rate of up to 90Hz. The display brings high colour saturation as well, covering 85% of the NTSC colour gamut, and the full 100% of the sRGB colour gamut. This makes sure you enjoy virtual reality with crystal clear clarity and fluid motion, as well as vivid imagery with vibrant colours, making the virtual feel practically real.

The PICO 4 controllers have the same design principles as our headset to maximize comfort and style. The controllers have a well-fitted, full-palm grip perfect for small and large hands. Laser engraving processes bring to life an effective anti-slip texture, ensuring a solid grip during intense play sessions. Our controllers feature a one-piece rotating arc column, where infrared sensors are cleverly placed. The arc-shaped column takes into account sleek design and structural strength. It also lets your hands move closer together more easily, at the same time prevents your hands from colliding when you perform actions such as pulling the pistol, or pouring water into a cup.

Being able to “feel” interactions raises the bar for an immersive VR experience. The controller vibration not only syncs with what you’re hearing on screen, it can also simulate even the most delicate to the most intense feedback. Feel the waves as the impending catch swims around the bait, and then the pull on your fishing rod as you reel in the catch of the day. This is all thanks to the ultra-wide frequency HyperSense broadband motor.

The HyperSense motor is capable of achieving frequencies from 50 to 500Hz, so you will be able to experience feedback on a wide spectrum of intensity, while feeling realistic and delicate haptic vibrations. As you traverse the infinite world of discovery, creativity, and fun, you will experience heightened immersion with real-world tactile experiences and a full-range of motion.

You have seen the hardware and now, I’m thrilled to discuss our improved operating system.

PICO OS 5.0 brings the most extensive update we have released to date, from a refreshed user interface, interactive efficiency, and improved connectivity. We employ measured major use of colours and lines across the user interface. This makes the operating system visually less cluttered. Users will be able to navigate to their favourite content with ease. The operating system is the heart of any hardware. It brings software, services, and innovative features to life. This is your first point of contact to access system settings and content for every scenario. That is why we believe good design means incorporating visibility and accessibility into the user interface. Content and features should be central, easily accessible, and clear.

We want you to be able to pick up the PICO 4, and immediately understand how to navigate the menus. That is the underlying design philosophy behind PICO OS 5.0. The navigation bar serves as the main access point across system-wide content and options. You will be able to access the menus at any given time and jump to the destination page, just with a click on the “Home” button on the controller. And when you don’t need it, hide the bar and continue to enjoy the thrilling moment in games while not missing the important messages from your friends.

Not only that, multi-tasking is now easier than ever. Multiple windows are displayed in a structured way that you can switch between windows intuitively and quickly. This is just the beginning. We are working on more flexible and engaging window layouts for future updates. Multi-tasking is now more efficient, more interesting. Of course, that’s not the only update that we have in PICO OS 5.0.

Now, Let’s look at all these features we’ve in store for you. I can’t wait for everyone to experience it! Catching a fish in VR, or hitting the tennis ball with your controllers is cool. What if you want to do all of them with just your bare hands?

With PICO OS 5.0, you have the freedom to choose the way you play. PICO 4’s 6DoF hand tracking ensures your poses are tracked even if you use both hands together. This means that you will be able to interact with the virtual world in the most natural way possible, with maximum freedom and interaction efficiency. You can now actually play your favourite rock song on your air-guitar the way that it should be. With your bare hands! See? No controllers, no problem!

Connection, is the key idea behind how we build our system. That’s why we integrate a whole set of tools and features into PICO OS 5.0, to connect our users, developers, creators in the virtual world. The beauty of the virtual world lies in the ability to empower expression.

With PICO OS 5.0, we bring you the brand new Avatar System. There are tons of personalization options built into the avatar creation tool. I’m sure you will be excited to create the best version of you for the 3D digital world. My god look, that’s me! He really does look like me, doesn’t he? See, the personalization options are endless and you can freely define yourself when exploring diverse virtual worlds, from sculpting facial features, to dressing in the latest fashion, personalized full-body movements, and even richer expressions enabled by the voice-based lipsync feature. Avatar System has it all! And it’s only limited by your imagination. We also partner with many renowned artists, with amazing work will be available in the Avatar System.

Enjoying virtual content with your friends means double, or even triple, the fun. We want you to be able to share virtual experiences with like-minded friends. And with that, we are committed to creating social experiences that are no different from real-life ones. Well, not exactly the same. Because you will be having fun with friends across the multiverses of content, right from the comfort of your room.

With the IM friend system, you will be able to share your experiences and invite friends to join you in virtual world. You can now have real-time communications with friends that are online. Set up rooms and invite them into the games with real-time voice communication and have fun together – just like a real-life gaming party in your living room!

Speaking of having fun with your friends, wouldn’t it be nice to have them see what you are seeing in your headset? Well, now you can!

PICO OS 5.0 supports real-time screen projection. This means that you can share what you are currently seeing in the virtual world on other screens. This includes TVs, computers, browsers and even smartphones. You can now share your epic moments with your friends as they watch you build your dream town or hit the high score with your air guitar playthroughs!

What if your friends need help to get their VR settings right? PICO OS 5.0 can help you do that with the feature of remote assistance. It supports VR and smartphone connection and interactions. With remote assistance, you can help your friends overcome issues through voice-hosted guidance and remote interaction.

In the virtual world, anything can happen. Getting a high score in shooting a basketball. Or triumphing over the invincible boxer. Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could capture that moment to banter with your mates? With PICO OS 5.0, you can.

Introducing the MRC (mixed reality capture), our latest VR content creation tool that connects virtual and reality. With MRC, you can record your best VR moments with PICO 4. Pairing with your smartphone through the PICO app, you can record real-world yourself interacting with the virtual world! Place your smartphone facing your play area and voila! That’s all it takes to create your next virtual clip, simple! They say seeing is believing. Now you can easily show your friends how you managed to beat your high score in your virtual tennis game!

Next up, remember that hidden RGB camera we talked about? Let’s dig into what it does and how it will bring the world to color. In this mode, you can see your surroundings in a real way, but even in full color. You’ll break down the walls between the physical and virtual worlds, opening up new creative possibilities.

For PICO, offering the best experience for our users with just amazing hardware isn’t enough. It has to be supported by an all-inclusive, wide-ranging content ecosystem. We will be the catalyst for creativity by providing developers, creators and artists with the right support and tools. Avatar SDK, for example, makes it easier for game developers to incorporate an avatar system. There are also MRC, IM, account APIs and more. We have done a lot on the content front. On top of collaborating with developers to create new and engaging content for the platform, we have worked with a few popular partners too.

Hi, everybody. I’m Daniel Browne, PICO Regional Marketing Head in Europe. I’m now going to take you on a deeper dive into the PICO world. There are so many things in VR to get excited about – from the immersive entertainment experience no other device can rival to the endless possibilities of what it can do for us in the future. But you’ll need expansive content to make those possibilities a reality.

Let’s take a look at how we bring those worlds to life for our users. We know working out is good for us. But many suffer from fitness fatigue, stuck with the same gym routine every day. What if we told you there was an alternative? A different approach to fitness that actually made exercising fun and enjoyable.

We are so proud to introduce Les Mills Body Combat on PICO 4. This is just the beginning of our massive vision for the world of VR fitness. If you haven’t heard, Les Mills Body Combat is very popular among gym-goers. It not only offers a wide range of popular workouts. You also get access to elite coaching across a wide range of intensity levels. With its innovative gaming mechanics, you will surely be put to the test. Think striking targets not just on a horizontal plane, but vertically as well. Imagine a series of knee-striking movements, as well as barriers to avoid. If you needed a reason to work out, here it is – the ultimate VR fitness experience on PICO 4. We promise you’ll get a true full-body workout whether it’s a five-minute or twenty-minute session.

You’re probably thinking that working out with a VR headset is heavy and uncomfortable. Perhaps you think this will deter you further from getting into a workout session. Don’t fret, PICO 4 has stripped out all the unnecessary weight. The featherweight headset is complete with removable foam padding, providing more comfort to the user. We didn’t just stop there. We added a sports foam insert that is sweat-proof for our fitness fanatics. Now, you can do all the workouts you want without damaging your headset.

Ask any fitness fanatic and they’ll tell you tracking your progress is the secret to success. Well, you no longer have to download multiple apps to do that. We made it easier for you to track how well you’ve done at each end of the session. Let me show you my fitness data in the new PICO Fitness app. As you can see, data on calories burnt and your score from the latest workout session is easily available. Fitness is equipped with our own algorithm that tracks effective energy consumption through VR motion data. Tracking is simple. Once you fill up your body data, calories are counted based on how long and how intense your movement is in real-time. It also lets you track how much energy you’ve used while working out to help you keep your eye on the finishing line. Fitness consolidates data from your VR fitness experience in one place so it’s easy to view your fitness journey as a whole. Choose how you want to view workout data whether it’s at a glance or in detail.

If you’ve always wanted to have a fitness coach on demand then look no further! Fitness not only lets you see how far you’ve come by viewing historical data, it can also recommend tailored experiences to help you exercise effectively and meet your fitness goals. Think about following Pamela Reif to burn the calories in the VR world! Yes, we will team up with Pamela, the much-loved fitness star, to bring her workout plan in a brand new way.

What’s more, Fitness is compatible with Apple Health. Go ahead and integrate the data from your real-world workouts with your PICO 4 sports data. You’ll then get a holistic view of all your exercise habits, giving you greater insight into how well you’ve been working out.

Finally, it’s human nature that we crave recognition; the joy of showing off a job well done. So, to provide a little extra motivation, Fitness features: Leaderboard and Sports Badges. If you’re a competitive type, you get to brag about this to all your friends about how much you’ve worked out. Leaderboard lets you show off your achievements in your latest VR fitness session.

You can even create posters and share them with PICO VR assistant. Now, hold on tight to our top thoughts, and don’t let anyone else speak to you. Or if you’re the encouraging type, you may nudge your friends to remind them to work out. Get them to stop Netflixing and start getting active. The more workouts you do, the more progress you make the more Sports Badges you collect. With these sporting achievements, you can unlock new experiences, providing a sense of purpose to your fitness regime.

With all of this in mind – I should highlight our rich library of sports and fitness content. As you can see, you’ll never be short of new ways to build up a sweat. Practice your golfing skills with Mini Golf so the next time you go play with your friends, they’d be left wondering how you improved so quickly!

Ping pong, bowling, badminton, boxing – you are into basically every sport but rarely get the time to enjoy yourself since your new kid came along. Well, pick up the PICO 4 and start playing All-In-One Summer Edition. Thank us later!

As I’m sure you can tell, we’re really excited about the possibilities VR brings to the world of fitness. And we’ve got one more surprise for you – We’re incredibly proud to announce that in 2023:

Just Dance VR will be available on PICO 4 – EXCLUSIVELY.

Just Dance is the most popular game music franchise of all time. The game aims to connect everyone through the feel-good power of dance. For the very first time, PICO gives the VR form of Just Dance a go, thanks to our partnership with Ubisoft. It’s your turn – just jump into the virtual world, and just dance! People will really be impressed by the realistic and immersive experience of trying out VR gaming for the first time.

And, while we’re excited about all of the different worlds that VR can create, we know just how important gaming is to PICO fans across the world. Can you see that? Watch out!

Next up, we welcome you to the world of PICO gaming. As you have heard from Leland, the PICO 4 brings a whole lot of sophisticated hardware that makes gameplay more immersive, more accurate and more enjoyable. The missing piece to that puzzle is the games that allow you to immerse yourself in new worlds.

Today, I am honoured to introduce you to two marquee titles that will be available on PICO 4.

The first is The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution. The highly anticipated first-person shooter from Skydance Interactive takes players on a tour through undead New Orleans. An adrenaline-pumping thriller, the game will see tourists battle with a new nemesis, explore new territories, and discover new weapons.

Next is another wildly-acclaimed game coming to PICO 4 – Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom. Inspired by the epic gangster drama, be prepared for an experience like no other. Players will be transported back to the criminal underbelly of 1920’s Britain. They will go on a gritty adventure with the help of notorious gang bosses Tommy and Arthur Shelby. Thrilled by the idea of getting a first-hand experience of life as a Peaky Blinder and earn your place in the world’s most notorious gang? You can explore the seedy streets of Small Heath, drink in the Garrison pub or lay bets in Shelby’s Betting Shop!

Of course, we want everyone to enjoy PICO 4 in their own ways. There is something for everyone in the PICO store with its wide range of games and genres available. Oh, you’re looking to explore and fight through a vast network of dungeons as a novice of magical arts?

We have Ruins Magus. You can now enjoy the challenging and quest-driven RPG with the PICO 4. Or if you’re yearning for some table-top strategy game, Demeo is also available on the PICO store. Gather your friends to defeat the dark forces, right in the comfort of your room.

If you’re all about outdoor survival, you’ve got to try out Green Hell. Here you can experience extreme conditions of the uncharted Amazon jungle, where you’d use real-life survival skills to get through stages with the PICO 4.

Are you into ball games? Then you’ve got to take it to the next level with Ultimechs! Pilot high-performance mechs as you zoom, block, punch and score your way to victory in the Superball league.

Imagine this – you close your eyes and go back in time where you’re now Spartacus. With your weapon of choice, from swords, maces and bows to massive two-handed war hammers – you get to fight gladiators in the most creative way possible. Sounds amazing? Live out your deepest gladiatorial fantasies with Gorn on PICO 4!

Had a long day and all you want to do is recharge? Put together 3D jigsaw puzzles of beautiful places from around the globe with Puzzling Places. Let the stresses of a long day slowly evaporate as you immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscape. Our passion for delivering the latest and greatest in VR gaming doesn’t stop there.

We will continue to bring a wealth of gaming content to our audience, allowing you to enjoy new experiences and explore new worlds. Here’s just a taste of what players can expect…

We’ve been to the worlds of fitness and gaming, but one of the most exciting things about VR is its potential to redefine the world of video. Traditionally, video has been something that we observe but do not participate in. But with VR, that is no longer the case.

PICO Video is all about making dreams a reality, and that often means taking you somewhere that you aren’t able to physically go. Suddenly, the fourth wall has just been broken down but the whole house has been demolished and re-built so that you can stand inside it. Here’s how. Now, what if this means you get to attend the live concert you’ve dreamed of, right in your own home?

Imagine this – concerts in panoramic 8k resolution of world-renowned artists, who can take your song requests right in front of you. With the 360°surround viewing angle and 3D spatial effects, you’ll feel like you’re really there at your favorite artist’s gig, and even better – because this time you as can have the best seat on the front row, or even next to the band.

The stage is not limited to stadium or live house any more. From desert, forest, to even ocean, you will find yourselves enjoy the concerts in the places that you never thought about. And you can also invite your friends in PICO to be there.

We want to bring you even closer to the artists. We are partnering with world-leading VR entertainment companies such as Wave to bring the interactive virtual concerts to your living room. With PICO virtual concerts, unique live performances will feature a tailor-made avatar of the artist. This creates opportunities for larger-than-life performances beyond what is conventionally possible from a live concert.

The artist’s avatar will accurately reproduce their stage presence, dance moves, and guitar strums, thanks to the real-time 3D motion capture. The virtual format allows fans, friends and stars to interact with unprecedented freedom with live interactions to rock out together, further breaking down the barriers between the artist and the audience.

We are all deeply curious by nature. And curiosity drives us to learn, explore, and to discover. PICO 4 brings that power of exploration. Exploring the virtual worlds, or discovering and immersing into real-world locations in different parts of the world. PICO 4 allows you to do all that, without having you leave your doorsteps.

To this end, we are honoured to invite Discovery, the leading brand in documentary entertainment in the world, to jointly produce a wilderness survival VR interactive experience with us for the PICO 4. Ed Stafford, Discovery’s greatest explorer, will bring us on a brand-new 360-degree immersive tour to the national parks in Africa. Imagine this. You will become Ed’s most trusted personal videographer to capture the magnificent African savannah. Together with Ed, witness as he pushes his survival skills to the limit, as well as the wonders of African animal migration, for the first time ever in VR. It’ll be a unique, wonderful and exciting experience.

Hi to the PICO team, It’s Ed Stafford here. I’ve been making survival programs with Discovery for, gosh, over a decade now and we filmed some amazing but quite treacherous and beautiful locations all over the world. And one of the reasons that I make content is to share the wonders of our planet basically, with viewers. And I think that the immersive VR content is gonna make that possible in a whole new way, which is, I think, quite amazing. I will see you soon.

Now you have heard about the video content in store for you with PICO 4, I’m here to tell you that we have more coming rich, exciting your way! Starting from October, all the way till December, we will be rolling out a number of additional video experiences.

This means more diverse, immersive and exciting content to enjoy with your PICO 4! Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you! We’re looking at more VR documentaries to bring interactivity and unique perspectives as you learn more about the world.

We have 6DoF VR drama, to be even more immersed in the stories that you are invested in, by being virtually in the scenes with your favourite characters. There are also more Artist Virtual Concerts too. More content from your favourite artists to enjoy in the comfort of your home! And of course, there’s also video livestreams, the PGC Live. This is where content creators livestream diverse content such as gaming, entertainment, and more. More variety of content for you to enjoy! All are coming to you soon with PICO 4. Stay tuned!

Finally, PICO will not just be a home for consumers, but also a thriving community for the creators who will define the next generation of digital entertainment. And this is why we’re launching the Creator Incentive Program. We want to support our partners in the industry on their journey to make the VR video ecosystem more bustling and let good content be seen and appreciated.

PICO will provide creators with fiscal and technical support. We want to help reduce start-up costs and make amazing ideas become a reality. We will also work closely with production houses on creation and distribution to ensure the content realizes its maximum exposure. For example, we will select and recommend content of high quality to various film exhibitions.

For VR tech companies, PICO wants to support driving technological innovation for content creation. Things like rendering of virtual assets, motion capture of avatars and mixed reality technology. This is so we can realize the full potential of the industry together.

Up to this point, you have journeyed into three worlds with us. You have caught a glimpse of the various universes that the PICO 4 can take you to, but there’s one more we’d like to introduce you to: VR-driven social interactions.

First up, we bring you the highly popular Rec Room on PICO 4. This is Rec Room! There’s literally millions of player created rooms to check out. Game rooms, escape rooms, even bathrooms?! Customize your character, create your own world and share it with all your friends. With a race, go on a quest, learn a new skill, or just hang out with friends from around the world Rec Room has millions of games and endless creative potential. And all it’s missing, is you! Now, you can just turn on your PICO 4 headset and join the over 75 million players who have this app installed. Play, build, and party with your friends, new and old, from all over the world right where you are!

Of course, that’s not just it. When we are developing the PICO social experience, it isn’t about creating a new platform, But instead, we want to make use of existing platforms to connect and facilitate more intimate interactions and a more emotional experience. It is all about bringing to life a more three-dimensional face-to-face interaction space so it is more real.

Welcome to Project PICO Worlds – the elevated virtual social experience brought to you exclusively by PICO. Using an avatar system that recognizes over 80 dimensions, you can create the most intricate details you’d want your avatar to have, ranging from body shape to hairstyle to the size of your eyes. You can be as expressive as you want – always wondered how you’d look with pigtail buns Or what about those cat-like eyes look like? Make it a virtual reality with PICO!

The system can also capture your actions and movement in real-time so your avatar gestures like you are in real life Meeting friends and interacting with them is now easier than before. After dressing up, it’s now time to jump into a variety of experiences to hang out with your friends. Of course, this is your chance to show off your perfectly-designed avatars. Feeling slightly sporty today? Visit our Tennis or Archery worlds. Or if you’re feeling a bit less active, why not chill out at a bar right by the beach? I’m sure you’ll agree there’s nothing more calming than watching the waves hit the shore.

Even better, you can create your own unique world and invite friends to visit. With our easy-to-use but powerful tools, you can easily build anything from houses to small cities, or cars to rockets. We’re all about bringing your dream to reality Realising them in 3D is a breeze.

Guess what, you can also visit the cool spaces created by others. It’s time to rally your friends and start going on a little adventure to check out different interactive themes and games!

Excited yet? Project PICO Worlds will soon be launched in the coming year. Get your creative juices ready and turn your fantasy into worlds you can actually visit. Experience freedom that’s not bound by languages or physical locations. Start weaving worlds, more than just words, with PICO.

So, now that you’ve heard all about the new PICO 4, PICO OS 5.0, and the exciting new content coming your way, we want to introduce the PICO 4 Pro.

The PICO 4 Pro is a powerful professional series headset. It is designed for advanced users and developers, with upgraded features that empower VR use cases in professional settings. With an innovative approach to design, the PICO 4 Pro retains the focus on comfort and accessibility. It also comes packed with an array of class-leading technology that makes it a device worthy of its Pro moniker.

The PICO 4 Pro sports three infrared cameras inside the headset, enabling high-precision eye-tracking and face-tracking. With high-precision eye-tracking, PICO 4 Pro supports accurate measurement and stepless adjustment of your eye’s interpupillary distance, or IPD. Each time the users put on the PICO 4 Pro, it automatically adjusts to their measurements without additional input or lengthy tutorials. With the device’s VR lens spacing fine-tuned to your pupil’s measurement, you will be able to enjoy optimal image quality and comfort for your eyes every time.

Not only that, with infrared tracking cameras, the PICO 4 Pro is able to capture subtle changes in the facial muscles. It recognizes up to 52 dimensions in real time which would reconstruct into various facial expressions. Immediately you have a deeper, more natural understanding of what I’m trying to communicate to you without me having to verbally explain it. Non-verbal communication is such an important aspect of human interaction, it’s amazing to show you how this is now possible on the PICO 4 Pro. Now, your avatar will be truly lifelike, allowing you to express yourself freely in the digital world.

Now that I have shared the PICO 4 Pro features with you, let us take a closer look at the software solutions and resources we have available for developers globally. Everything we do at PICO is with the aim of providing an All-in-One solution for your lifestyle and business needs. We want to help you create new connections. We want to unlock your full business potential. We want to ignite your creativity. We want to help you grow. And PICO Business does just that.

Virtual reality has empowered our 4,000 partners in how they provide value to their customers such as in the field of training, medical treatment, and marketing. We are committed to offering PICO Business as the world’s leading enterprise-level XR platform. Both hardware and software solutions are at the centre of the tools and services we offer to partners in their journey to achieve their business goals.

With hardware solutions such as PICO 4 enterprise, partners can access enterprise-level operating system directly with the hardware. With the tailored enterprise-level OS, it is easier for enterprise users to manage their workflow in a much more secure way.

And here comes the best part – no unique personal identification is needed to use the PICO 4 enterprise.

Not only that, with the purpose-built enterprise app stores, development kits, as well as business-exclusive settings, our partners will have more flexibility when using the PICO 4 enterprise for their needs. In terms of software, the PICO Business Suite offers various customized functionalities and solutions for different scenarios, creating a seamless experience for their customers. More to announce next month at AWE Lisbon…

VR consumer adoption is still in its early stages but we know its great potential. We mentioned the Creator Incentive Program earlier as part of our initiative to support content creators. And developers too, play an integral role in globalizing VR adoption as they grow the VR content ecosystem with new ideas and innovations. We want to grow together hand-in-hand with the developers.

On this note, I am pleased to announce today PICO will launch a Developer Incentive Program with an initial investment of 12 million dollars. On top of access to our tools and expertise, up to $2 million dollars worth of funding support per project will be invested. The creative ideas deserve to be rewarded. The best content this year on our platform will be awarded up to $1 million dollars. By lowering the developers’ cost of R&D and distribution, our aim is to encourage creative minds to offer more VR native content.

Apart from financial support, working closely with PICO, developers will always receive platform updates and new hardware feature previews as soon as they’re available. This knowledge and access will help developers to be at the forefront of innovation in this space. This investment, is our commitment to you, the VR developer community.

From what we shared before, you’ll know that we are serious and committed to creating an all-round VR experience in the areas of fitness, gaming, video and social. Therefore, we are also in the amidst of launching an add-on tracker, the PICO Fitness Band.

The PICO Fitness Band is meant to improve your VR fitness experience. The multi-functional tracker is able to track your body movements and can detect a variety of actions such as shaking, tilting and kicking – together with the ability of predicting the full body pose by AI-based algorithm, it will take the cutting edge of VR experience and make fitness tracking easier on standalone VR.

With that, we want to extend an invitation to all innovative developers to come create a content and product ecosystem for the PICO Fitness Band. The Software Developer Kit will be made available to all interested developers from today and we cannot wait to see what great ideas you will have.

We believe VR is the next wave of innovation. It will touch the lives of BILLIONS, And change how we see and experience of our world As my team members have demonstrated, the PICO 4 is our new all-in-one VR headset.

With two storage options,

PICO 4 starts at 429 Euros.

Pre-order for PICO 4 will start on the 23rd of September.

I’d like to take a moment to thank our amazing team, our developer community, and our beta testing groups. Without your commitment, brilliant creations and valuable feedback, PICO 4 would not be this amazing. You are the centre of everything we do.

Thanks for your joining us today.

Take care, stay safe and have a great day.

Enjoy discovering with PICO 4.”

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